Community Bible Church, was begun by Pastor Walt and Barb Brennen on July 6, 1986, as a Bible study.  The Bible study expanded into a morning service and children’s church. At that time, Wednesday Bible studies were held for children and adults in homes.

In March of 1988, the church moved into a small church building on Locust Ridge Road in Pocono Lake and we became known as Community Bible Church of Pocono Lake. CBC remained at this location until 1997. During these times, the congregation continued to grow.

Our present facilities at 899 Route 940 was purchased in September, 1995 and was extensivly renovated.  In January of 1997, the first service was held at this location.

Due to ill health Pastor Brennen resigned in 1997 and Rev. Robert Brown came as our Pastor. Pastor Brown served the church until March 2003, when the work was handed back to Pastor Brennen. As of January 1, 2005, Community Bible Church became a Village Missions’ Church and the Brennens became Village Missions’ missionaries. Village Missions exists for the purpose of keeping country churches alive.  The Church was pastored from 2011-2013 by Richard Hinkle.

The church has seen many people come and go as they move in and out of the area and vacation here during the summer.  This has impacted our steady growth and at present the church is reestablishing with the help of Village Missions. Only God knows what has been done in lives over the years as a result of the teaching of the Word through the various ministries. Some folks who have gone out from CBC are in Christian ministries elsewhere, including one who accepted Christ as his Saviour while at CBC and served as a pastor in New York for a number of years. Pastor Wes Wales is our current Pastor – Teacher as we await the selection of a new, full-time Pastor.

These are exciting days at Community Bible Church and we cordially invite you and your family to join us any Sunday at 10 am.


If you would like more information on the church, please contact us.